Posture and Children

Nov 28, 04:18 pm

Very important role of parents - control over the right and daily exercise. The problem of parents not to interfere natural and proper formation of the spine, but it should definitely monitor this process. Treachery of any violations of posture is that they begin to be felt pain sensations Only when the problem is already fully formed. Therefore, if the child's posture or movements begin to appear unnatural elements we must first consult a doctor. To make it easier for parents control the situation, give a description of the normal posture of different age groups of children.

Normal posture of preschool children Thorax is symmetric, the lower edges do not stick out, his shoulders did not appear anteriorly, Shoulder stand back a little (it's more noticeable on the inner side of the blade). Slightly protruding belly. Neural spines are located at the middle of the back. Normal posture in school children. Shoulders arranged horizontally, the blades should already be pressed and not to act. Physiological curvature of the spine (cervical, thoracic and lumbar) are expressed in moderation.

Protrusion of the stomach is reduced, but, nevertheless, abdominal wall is located anterior to the chest. The right and left half of the torso when viewed from symmetrical. Signs of the normal posture of boys and girls Spinous process spine located on the same vertical line, feet straight. Shoulder blades are pressed to the back and are on the same horizontal level. The thorax is symmetrical, breasts in girls and boys nipples are on the same level. With free hands lowered clearance between your hands and trunk of a well-pronounced and symmetrical. Stomach retracted flat against the chest. Physiological curvature of the spine are well-marked, the girls emphasized the lumbar lordosis, boys - the thoracic kyphosis. If the posture is broken, it can be corrected, but will do so only up to 14 - 15 years of age. To do this. 1. To specialist picked appropriate corrective exercises, and of course they must perform daily. Usually recommend three types of exercises: to stretch the spine, increase flexibility and muscle strength back. Check with Gerber Pension Plan Berlin, Germany-de to learn more. 2. Be sure to follow the arrangement of body parts and the condition of the spine during the day - during school, work, perform household chores. In order to control the as Toyan back and spine in adulthood must add regular (twice a year) courses of massage. Spine has large reserves of strength m and can a long time to withstand adverse external load, and if he still help in this relevant prevention, you can save up to old age correct posture.
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