Heroism Of Pregnancy And Mothers

Oct 16, 05:11 pm

God wanted a hero NA Women and gave it an Anatomy and Physiology wonderful to be pregnant and a vivid testimony of this heroism! ... tribute to Mothers!, from the very core of his heroism, from their cells and tissues from their body fluids and tissue from the silence of his Spirit With which God rewarded! And you're not going to be? If from the first minutes of life of the zygote, and recognize the messages your child ionic establishing a unique relationship of love, the Crossing-Over for the redistribution of loads Oh no you complain!, Villus enter your child in your blood and nutrients taken from it a Arecibo! The as nesting and nourish Osmosis! With the brave stoicism wave of 200,000 units biochemical International hormone, oh no you complain! ... Without selfishness, your Pregnenolone for the synthesis of hormones vital to your child Soportas! increasing flows of Placental lactogenic hormone, which often makes you a diabetic. Oh no you complain! ... Soportas! The risk of hyperventilation with respiratory alkalosis. Aceptas, "without question, the anemia, neutrophilia, leukocytosis and Cetonemiaa Inmensa mother!, tolerates Nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, edema, sleep, fatigue, high blood pressure, pain, diet no salt, no sugar, 12 kilos feedlots but bellaa more beautiful still, to Thee the sacrifice hours of no night or day, every day you look out into the depths of your child, you always have plenty of greatness in that tissue quiet your soul and as Tomas Borges live dreaming, do not die nuncaa to take care and ensure your children ...

Atout Life! I pay tribute to the immense value with you face to face mites to death during childbirth!, a tolerating the painful dilation of the cervix, bravely enduring the painful contractions, with pressures of 50 mm Hg, giving up in the middle Sweat the lightening and fall of your child, ignore the supreme ycomo time of delivery?, a when your child crowning, when the pain reaches its maximum intensity, AWhen you're willing to give your life for your son!, until it is born in the middle of your screams, Pujos and your sweating, comes calling in the midst of their cries, waving his arms and piernitasa abuscandote! ... to merge into a tender embrace, that transforms your whining and your crying, laughing and cuddling, which Michelangelo described as the best sculpture that God Living regaloa Inmensa Mother! Gracious God!, for giving us a heroine of flesh and blood, Achaeans calm our tears with his touch!, who never tires of being heroin All his life, heroism is not a natural instinct, but even heroism Sound! it comes from the bottom of Alma, where silence is so pure, eyes always clean, where nudity of the stars kiss the dawn. Mother: Julia Adona Palacios Celi!, When your voice street, my heart will continue to speak, because a The Sighs are air and go to air, water and tears are going to the Mara , but this tribute comes from the soul anidalo in the quiet fabric of your immortal spirit. M
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