Treatment Of Phobias

Sep 30, 01:27 am

Many people today suffer from phobias. They feel is dead, it's as if you took the tree and cut off the roots. How long the tree would stay alive? You have taken a visible - the tree is visible, the roots - the unseen - and you cut off the roots. After the tree reaches up and roots grow down - you did a very logical sequence. You say: "No! - How these contradictory things can exist together? Wood must reach for the sky - but if the roots wish to grow into deeper and deeper into the ground, it is two different things - let them cut off! "That's what happened. Man - is the visible part of the tree, woman - it's roots. That's why all the old teachings say that a woman - is the earth, and man - sky.

But those two together - man, rooted through the woman and the woman, reaching greater and greater heights through a man - they are one. Heaven and hell - is not two, it's all one and the same ladder. Heraclitus said: "The way up and way down - one." Heaven and hell can not be different. This is a logo - see at a glance the whole staircase. And God and the devil - not two. But theologians do not agree, they say that it is a misconception that people will be confused by this statement, they will not know who is who. But People are already confused and muddled, and they are confused because of the false logic based on the part of the human mind.
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