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Nov 17, 03:41 pm

Four riders kept the chances of a champion title before the final race of the season. Fernando Alonso led the championship by a margin of eight points over Mark Webber, Sebastian Vettel conceded 15 points, Lewis Hamilton - 24. All except the Spaniard could not fully control the situation, the fate of their title rivals depended on the performances. If racers finished in the same manner as that started, the title of it to Alonso. Factor responsible for the outcome of the season added to the other variables. Applicants for the title used eight engines, have already worked in other races.

Much depended on the reliability, strategy, effective work teams and wear rubber. And rushing ahead, as shown practice, it is a strategy to become one of the key factors that decided the fate of the newfound champion. Air temperature - 37C, and track - 33C. A unique feature of the routes are is the fact that the race starts at natural light wonderful sunset in Abu Dhabi, about an hour before the sun sets over the horizon and come into play searchlights located around the perimeter of the Yas Marina Circuit. And today these projectors we will consecrate the new World Champion Formula 1 2010 season. Attach our navel running high to the limit! And the results of yesterday's skills just warmed up this "limit". On the grid-Yas Marina top ten list is as follows: 1.

S. Vettel Red Bull 1:39.394 2. L. Hamilton McLaren 1:39.792 3. Fernando Alonso Ferrari 1:39.792 4. J. Button McLaren 1:39.823 5. M. Webber Red Bull 1:39.925 6. F. Massa Ferrari 1:40.202 7. R. Barrichello Williams 1:40.203 8. M. Schumacher Mercedes 1:40.516 9. N. Rosberg Mercedes 1:40.589 10. Petrov Renault 1:40.901 As you can see four contenders are in the top five, but the fact that Webber will start at the fastest car of the season behind a slower rival, has promised us an interesting spectacle in the struggle between two of the real contenders for the title - Alonso (Ferrari) and Mark Webber (Red Bull). But everything happened yet interesting and even unexpected ... So let it be the beginning of the race! Lap was for the riders back of the field without incident, here everything is arranged on the grid according engaged in qualifying positions. Director Race Charlie Whiting is ready to launch, the countdown began, one after the lanterns light up the starting five traffic lights: one, two, three ... incredible roar of engines, four ... turnover increases, five ... all cocked to the extreme ... go out ... Go! Sebastian Vettel (Red Bull) at the start retains its top position, despite the encroachment of Lewis hamilton (McLaren). Excellent reaction demonstrates Jenson Button (McLaren) have to start it bypasses leader in the drivers Fernando Alonso (Ferrari), now goes Button in third. A detailed review of the Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi and more than fifty photographs race, see "Articles" on the ENGINE-MARKET!
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