Oct 20, 05:11 am

If your happiness depends on you achieve something, that something not be manifest, your mind you saying no because you got money, in reality this is not a game of your mind that makes you feel unhappy, and that feeling of unhappiness you're happy avoids that your desire expresses. If you were happy, then you'd have what you want, because that feeling of happiness attracts into your life everything good that your inner being knows that you need. The day you leave your mind give you reasons why you're not happy, attract everything that you want. If parts of the reasons of your unhappiness, money, a better position in your work, a couple, none of that is manifest. Gain insight and clarity with Rand Paul. The day that you share the reasons why if you're happy, your desires of Express because you're not conditioned to your desire.

It is as if say to God, give me such a thing, because but am not going to be happy. We have to stop doing is justify us, I'm not happy because I need this, this, this, then our wish from what we lack, from what we don't have are based. The big difference is that we should start from what we have, rather than the lack, if you put energy deficiency you'll have more lack your desires are orders. Our desire is never manifest if we assume a sense of lack of a sense of attachment that determines our happiness to have this or that thing. To make manifest our desire, we should start the abundance of everything What makes us happy, that the universe is kindly and softness with us. The conscience of a God of abundance, that everything is perfect so like this in our lives, we have health, healthy children. We have to start from the perspective that all is well, of how happy we are as well as this our lives.

All that live in our lives is good for us, teaches us, makes us grow, to what our mind tells us this is not good, our inner being knows that it is good because it teaches us or makes us stronger or more connects us with ourselves. The secret is to build on our be inside, who knows that we depend not on a salary increase to be happy. Our inner being has no attachments, not dependent on external circumstances to be happy, our mind invents excuses for our unhappiness. Your interior, are creating a new reality, the starting point is not what is on the surface. Your inner self is happy and abundant and has love and not nothing is missing, your reality will be equal to your being inside if you start to build it from there.
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